Multimedia software that allows you address in a dynamic and effective business communication problems and information that occur inside the shops, catering establishments, pharmacies, doctors, hotels, etc.. Conventional PC with a simple enough, does NOT require multimedia servers.
The employer is able to route, dose, measure and parametrize all the publicity in local issues and can prioritize and create all this corporate advertising or engaged.

Hotels, general retail, hotels, pharmacies, medical clinics and dental deductibles, travel agencies, opticians, notary offices, supermarkets, estate agents, hairdressers, golf courses, great beverage brands, pharmaceutical companies, shopping centers, etc..


SLATE: Project is ideal for hospitality businesses of all kinds. Designed templates range from the simplest, with images and text transitions of the recommended products to distribution boards with the "letter" or "daily menu" and their respective prices. In more advanced templates Slate Project integrates TV. Blackboard also allows embedding or streaming YouTube videos. They all feed can include news of major national newspapers, or RSS built with the information you choose to give the user.
  PROMOTION: The promotion of products through image sequences, the project is more suitable for indoor or windows of any type of establishment. The graphics of the templates is the star of this type of project and its impact today. You can also control the customer turn in for example a pharmacy.

ACTIVITIES: Activities The board is ideal for hotels or for corporations. In real time, you can advertise generic hotel events, conferences and programs of play activities. Project activities also combines video and images, along with RSS and weather gadgets.

  WAITING ROOM: The waiting room is a project aimed primarily at clinics and any establishment that has a waiting area for clients, such as a hairdresser, a notary or a travel agency. Integra TV, videos, RSS and images.
  DISPLAY OF PRICES: A price interactive viewer that allows the generation of templates induced by the product being acquired. The templates presented in this project basically used images and text with a variety of transitions. The user can configure the counter products that induce other, the LED type, size, position and color.
  E-MAIL AND SMS: Create SMS campaigns and e-Mailing. The design of the e-mail is from the software, you can target campaigns by age, gender, ... the target audience. It also allows importing from Excel customers.



  • Speed ​​and agility in creating projects tailored to each business.
  • Predefined templates with customization option.
  • More than 50 transition options for text and images.
  • Simultaneous with TV templates and integration with YouTube videos, Windows Media, AVI, MPEG.
  • Module notices to patients / clients, and Your Turn.
  • Generation E-Mailing campaigns and SMS.
  • Information through custom RSS or news and weather gadgets.
  • Customer interaction through the use of e-Mailing and SMS's.
  • Reports using templates and display time.
  • Incorporates communication tool for creating real-time campaigns such contest / gift with customers.
  • Picture Library.
  • Disco music and sound effects.


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