Functional Areas


  • Generation manual and automatic seats.
  • Budget accounts.
  • Electronic scoring account statements. CSB43 bank reconciliation.
  • Ability to work with cost centers (sub accounts).
  • Month end accounting.
  • Automatic seat adjustment and closing of the accounting year and the opening of the new year.
  • Navigation balance to extract, extract to a seat and view the invoice management and vice versa, from management to accounting.
  • Entering notes to the memory of the seats.
  • Predefined templates seats.
  • Taxation.
  • Portfolio estimate


  • Deposits of purchase.
  • Multiple purchase documents.
  • Other documents of stock movement.
  • Statistics and reports of purchases.
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  • Multiple sales documents.
  • Creation from the same document for the sale of new customers or items.
  • Possibility to block sales of a customer's credit limit exceeded.
  • Billing fees.
  • Numerous reports of sales: customer ranking, articles, exercises comparative statistics, graphics, sales, part trade journal, list of sales, profitability reports, etc..
  • Detailed tracking stock (current account items, valuation of stock at a given date, etc..).
  • Stock control of sales by store.
  • Production and processing. The stock sales can be managed or processed. A product can be another component or can be converted into multiple products.
  • Portfolio estimates

Electronic bill

  • Compatible with multiple versions of Facturae (Facturae 3.0, 3.1 and Facturae Facturae 3.2).
  • Choice of different systems of signing (Tradise, Eurobits, signature generation electronic bill of sale individually or en masse.
  • Receiving electronic invoices to purchase using a simple wizard which links to the purchase invoices. Ability to generate electronic invoices des accounting entries.
  • Linking electronic bill of sale forms, purchase or seat.
  • Using the Sage display and checking the validity of the signature certified.
  • Integration with Document Management, Sage Eurowin complementary application.


  • Depreciation accounts.
  • Inventory items.
  • Seats amortization.


  • More than 300 predefined reports from listed data linking any of the program areas (accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, depreciation, etc..).
  • Ability to browse the documents of any exercise. The administrator can view documents in any year (invoices, statements, seats, etc.).
  • Navigation multiexercise of statistical lists. Eurowin allows for comparative listings annual purchases and sales and provides an automatic navigation to the detail of a particular exercise, providing valuable information for decision making (sales or purchases made in a year, stocks, etc..).
  • Statistical reports can be printed or exported to Excel, Word, PDF, DBF, ASCII, HTML, etc.., And even emailed.
  • The application features a powerful 3D graphics manager with multiple user-selected view (graphic lines, slashes, dots, pies, etc.).

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