Feature included:

  • Financial accounting, analytical and budgetary
  • Portfolio management purposes. Control of maturity, checks ...
  • Management of payments according to AEB 34 Notebook.
  • Receiving bank statements as AEB Notebook 43.
  • Models of VAT. Official presentation on physical media (paper) or electronic models 303, 340, 347 and 349 of the Tax Agency.
  • IGIC models. Official presentation on physical media (paper) models 415 and 420 of the Finance Canaria.
  • Official balance. Includes balance sheet and income statement.
  • Financial Statements. Statement of Changes in Equity (ECPN).
  • Automatic consolidation of balance sheets (an exercise).
  • Annual Accounts. Deposit and Legalization on physical media (paper).
  • Monitoring and control of fixed assets. Automatic generation of redemption seats.
  • Predefined seats.
  • Extensive collection of lists and reports.
  • Sage Babel, to facilitate the electronic exchange of data between applications Sage.
  • Workstation.
  • Multi-company and multi-user.
PRICE:Desde 262.71€

Detailed features:

  • Multicompany, ContaPlus Professional allows the creation of many companies as needed, and incorporates multiple criteria sorting and searching.
  • Chart of Accounts to tree, allowing easy maintenance of accounts and sub headings. The PGC is defined at the time of creation of the company and can choose between a PGC Normal, Short, of another company, SME or custom.
  • Journal options, from managing seats get full control of most of the program options: maturity, inventory, banking, matching options, etc..
  • Extensive collection of predefined seats, fully editable to simplify and automate accounting processes.
  • Newspapers seats, to automate the accounting for those operations that, like rent, payroll ... are repeated over time.
  • Utilities seats, for the most common maintenance processes: deleting, copying and verification of accounting records. Replace sub journaling and export data in ASCII or Xbase.
  • Analytical Accounting, which allows detailed tracking of costs associated with department / project. Listings for a complete analytical exploitation of analytical information. Also through analytical allocation subaccounts can be predefined to department / project fit each saving time and avoiding errors in accounting.
  • Accounting Management Segment and Geographic Activity allows us to allocate certain operations to an activity or group of activities, identifiable and discrete financial information and facilitating evaluation of the status of your business.
  • Budgetary accounting, which allows detailed tracking of the evolution of the budget allocated to a subaccount or department / analytical project. The budget update is performed since the introduction of seats by fixed amounts or percentage distributions.
  • Inventory management, to maintain comprehensive control of fixed assets and track depreciation. Inventory management includes also an active low control.
  • Management maturity, which simplify the processing and automatic generation of seats, check and remittance of payment.
  • Collection of reports, ContaPlus Professional features a large display of pre-configured reports and accounting documents.

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