• Annual Use License ContaPlus Basic.
  • Support and upgrades.
  • Sage responds, an online support designed exclusively for you to resolve any issue related to your solution, through an exclusive forum for clients managed by our experts.
    • Troubleshooting by sending backups.
    • All legal updates and functional enhancements that occur during the period of validity of your subscription
    • Exclusive access to customers, a reserved space on the Internet where you can get the fastest and easiest way for your application updates, technical documentation, explanatory videos .... In short, all the material you need to get the most out of your solution.
PRICE:Desde 58.48€

Feature included:

  • Financial accounting.
  • Standalone, 1 installation.
  • Up to 3 users.
  • Up to 5 companies.
  • Managing backups.
  • Statement of Changes in Equity.
  • Corrective invoice management.
  • Adapted to the Data Protection Act.

Detailed features:

  • Chart of Accounts to tree, allowing easy maintenance of accounts and sub ​​headings. The PGC is defined at the time of creation of the company and can choose between a PGC Normal, Short, another company, or customized.
  • Two ways to facilitate the introduction of accounting records: the traditional, or through an extensive collection of predefined seats, fully editable designed to automate and perform quickly and easily all types of accounting entries.
  • Utilities seats, for the most common maintenance processes: deleting, copying and verification of accounting records. Replace sub journaling and export data in ASCII or Xbase.
  • Journal Staff and Books.
  • Bill books, lists of invoices issued and received support for multiple orders of presentation: on paper, by type of VAT ...
  • Balances, Basic ContaPlus allows for the balance of amounts and balances and status and Profitability of Operations and the Statement of Changes in Equity, in draft form.
  • Year-end processes, process creation and transfer balances to new accounting year with the possibility of investing close to making adjustments and / or corrections.


Remember that the length of your subscription ContaPlus Basic is limited to one year from the time of installation. And it must be renewed to continue enjoying all its benefits.

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