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CIS Informàtica

IT company in Girona

CIS Informática is a company from Girona specialized in IT and cybersecurity for companies. We are dedicated to providing IT solutions with the latest technology of the XXI century to ensure that your computer systems work efficiently and optimally.

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We are specialists in computer technical service in Girona for companies.

We are a computer systems company that specializes in the IT sector for companies. With an experience of more than 20 years, offering the best IT solutions in Girona, we have established ourselves as a leading reference in the sector of IT companies.
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Your IT services in Girona

Integral IT services

Our state-of-the-art IT services meet the most cutting-edge 21st century business needs of the enterprise computing and IT systems industry.
Consultores it

IT Consulting

Our IT consultancy provides IT solutions for companies and freelancers of all sectors.

Informática en la nube

Cloud computing

Highly secure cloud computing: Backup, it infrastructure, remote desktop and much more.

Reparacion de ordenadores a domicilio

Computer repair

Repair of desktop computers, laptops, iMacs and notebooks for businesses and individuals.

Cloud backup para empresas

Cloud backup

Automated daily cloud backups outsourced to the cloud for your business peace of mind

Empresa de seguridad informatica

cybersecurity for companies

Cybersecurity services, products, audits and advice for the business sector

Registro horario laboral

Labor record

Apps and terminals approved for mandatory recording of your employees' working hours



Enterprise perimeter firewall with advanced protection against cyberthreats

Auditoria de ciberseguridad

Cybersecurity Audit

We prepare a vulnerability report of the IT network to improve its shielding against cyber threats.

Camaras de seguridad

Security cameras

Surveillance and security cameras with perpetual recording, night vision, motion detection, etc.

Paginas web girona


Customized, adaptable and self-manageable websites. Designed to maximize customers

Punt de venda

Point-of-sale terminals

Touch-screen terminals designed for agile order management suitable for your business.

Telefonia ip y centraleta virtual

IP telephony

PBX in the cloud for internet telephony. Great features at very affordable prices

Software erp

Software ERP

Installation, maintenance, training and consulting in ERP business management software.

Redes informaticas

wifi, routers and internet

Wifi router, amplifiers to improve Internet speed, intranet and other facilities.

The IT ally in Girona

IT maintenance and cybersecurity services for companies. We take care of the entire digitalization process in companies.

it computer solutions

We provide IT solutions for daily and day-to-day issues in a fast and efficient way.

Enterprise Computing

We have state-of-the-art technology to support companies in their day-to-day operations, digitizing processes and resolving incidents.

Home computing

We solve problems and support companies both remotely via the Internet and on-site.

It Technician

Our IT technicians are specialized in IT support for companies in all sectors.

Girona IT

We are up to date with the latest news, improvements and technological tools to offer you the best information technology for companies.

What exactly does an IT specialist do in Girona?

A computer scientist is an information technology professional who is responsible for the management, maintenance and troubleshooting of computer systems. This may include installing, configuring and upgrading hardware and software, troubleshooting bugs and malfunctions, managing networks and servers, providing IT security and advising on improving the IT infrastructure of a company or organization.

What are the basics of enterprise computing?

The basics of business IT services may vary according to the needs and size of each company, but in general terms, there are several essentials:
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Computer security
  • Backups
  • Network management
  • Rapid technical assistance
  • Optimization and continuous improvement
  • Technology project management
  • Monitoring and control

IT systems sectors in Girona

Informàtica girona

Computer systems for companies

We accompany industry on its path to digital transformation. We optimize processes, implement security, automation and control solutions, and integrate IT systems across companies to increase efficiency and production.

Informàtica girona

Technology Solutions for the Automotive Industry

As an IT services company with deep knowledge of the automotive industry, we offer digital tools to improve supply chain management, safety, vehicle tracking and team networking.

Informàtica girona

Technological innovation in the textile sector

In our computer company we drive the modernization of the textile industry with solutions for security, design management, production and distribution. We connect tradition with technology for more competitive results.

Informàtica girona

Enterprise Computing for the Modern Hospitality Industry

With our business IT we facilitate the management of restaurants, hotels and hospitality establishments through solutions for reservation automation, inventory control, customer loyalty.

Informàtica girona

IT management and administration in Girona

Simplify administrative processes with computer management systems in Girona and electronic invoicing. Improving productivity and reducing the time invested in bureaucratic tasks.

Informàtica girona

IT services company in the healthcare sector

We transform healthcare management with our IT services through digital solutions for data security, from patient administration to medication management and optimization of clinical operations.

Informàtica girona

IT services for the modern business

We drive commerce with digital solutions for inventory management, sales tracking and the creation of e-commerce platforms. We connect businesses with new online opportunities.

Informàtica girona

Integral IT services for modern engineering

To our engineering partners, we offer advanced IT systems for design, simulation and project control. We optimize resource management and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Informatica girona

Contact with us

You will find us at Rambla Xavier Cugat 45, 17007 Girona. Next to the Fontajau pavilion, with parking facilities.


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About Girona's IT services

As an IT services company in Girona, we offer a wide range of services, including web design and development, network administration, database management, technical support, IT security and many other services that help ensure the proper management of information technology. Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients, working closely with them to understand their specific needs and offering customized solutions to ensure that their IT systems are always in top shape. We are committed to providing quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. If you are looking for a reliable IT services company in Girona and surroundings, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you improve the management of your computer systems and ensure the smooth running of your business.
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