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Technical support ti

We provide fast and effective solutions with our technical support for companies to computer incidents, anticipating and minimizing future problems and responding to them with both online and on-site support.

Servei tecnic informatic

Cost-effective computer maintenance

We guarantee a fast and effective solution to any problem that may appear in your computer equipment. Our team of highly qualified technicians is at your disposal to solve from the simplest incidents to the most complex problems.

In addition, our computer technical service offers preventive maintenance to avoid future problems in your equipment and proactive support to ensure the proper functioning of your technological infrastructure.

Technical support ti

Highly qualified professionals committed to solving your problems.


We actively work to prevent complex IT incidents.

Maintenance it

We adapt to your needs by offering customized solutions.


We are always available to help you with any problems or questions.

Computer maintenance Girona

Preventive, pro-active and reactive IT maintenance

With our team of specialized technicians and our monitoring and diagnostic tools, you can rest assured and focus on the growth of your business, leaving the management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure in the hands of CIS IT.

it support

Our IT support service is designed to keep your business running smoothly. Our IT technicians are available to quickly resolve any IT issues that may arise ensuring your productivity and business continuity.

IT preventive maintenance

Preventive IT maintenance is an essential part of our service. Through continuous monitoring and scheduled updates, we prevent computer problems before they become major ones, ensuring uninterrupted operation of your systems and increased efficiency.

Economic computer maintenance

We offer cost-effective and efficient IT maintenance solutions for businesses in all industries. With our personalized approach, we guarantee that you will receive the services you need without overspending.

Maintenance of computer equipment

Our IT equipment maintenance service ensures that all of your company's devices are running optimally. We perform overhauls, upgrades and repairs as needed to keep your equipment in top condition.

Server maintenance

Servers are the heart of your business operations. With our server maintenance service, we ensure that your servers run smoothly, with continuous updates and security, to guarantee the accessibility of your data and applications.

Computer Systems Maintenance

Your IT systems are vital to your daily operations. Through our computer systems maintenance service we keep your systems up to date, secure and in perfect working order, avoiding interruptions and guaranteeing business productivity.

Operating System Maintenance

The operating system is the fundamental element of your computer equipment. With our operating system maintenance service, we make sure that this component runs smoothly and is up to date to ensure optimal performance of your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions


Computer technical support is a service that helps companies solve problems related to their computer systems. This includes hardware, software and network problems. Companies need this service to ensure that their computer systems are in good working order, to avoid downtime and financial losses.

Our business IT support services include: hardware and software installation and configuration, troubleshooting, system upgrades and maintenance, remote online assistance, and network monitoring.

Remote assistance can solve a wide variety of computer problems such as computer viruses, internet connection problems, software errors, device configuration, etc. It can also be used for maintenance tasks such as hard disk cleaning, defragmentation, software updates, etc.

Hiring our business IT support services offers many benefits, such as: saving time and money, improving IT system performance, preventing problems, updating technologies and improving IT security.

You can request our business IT support by calling our phone number or sending an email. A member of our technical support team will contact you to schedule a troubleshooting appointment.