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Cloud computing

Cloud Computing is a constantly evolving technology that allows companies to host data and applications safely. This implies a series of advantages such as flexibility, scalability, security and cost reduction.

Cloud computing girona

The future is in the cloud: CIS Cloud

In an increasingly competitive and digital business environment, the use of Cloud Computing technology is becoming more and more essential for companies that want to stay ahead.

With CIS Cloud you can take your company’s infrastructure to a new level of productivity, security and savings with features always tailored to your needs.


Highly adaptable to the company's special needs


Customization of company-specific solutions.


Reliable security solutions to protect your customers' data.


Reduction of infrastructure costs and management-related costs


Preventive, pro-active and reactive maintenance

With our team of specialized technicians and our monitoring and diagnostic tools, you can rest assured and focus on growing your business, leaving the management and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure in the hands of CIS.


Virtualization, high availability of services and system scalability


High-performance SSD infrastructure, storage arrays and NAS device


Fast and secure inter-device communication, low latency network, optimized WAN.


We guarantee the highest possible protection against cyber threats with two-factor cloud backup, segmented network, VLAN, perimeter firewall and routing.


Technology is a key tool for success. Automation is an effective way to improve efficiency and productivity, reducing the need for repetitive work and human error.

Data management

Data management involves organizing, protecting and maintaining a company's data for effective access and use.


Daily monitoring by CIS technicians with preventive, proactive and reactive maintenance.


PRO fibers, 4G Backup, Wimax, balancing and backup systems to guarantee communication.

Frequently Asked Questions


Cloud computing is a technology that allows users to access and use applications and files over the Internet, without the need to have them installed locally. This provides companies with flexibility and scalability, as they can access their files and applications from any location and device, as well as quickly adjust their processing and storage capacity according to their needs.

CIS Informática offers several cloud services, such as cloud email, cloud storage, cloud applications, cloud backup, among others. The best option for companies depends on their specific needs such as the size of the company, the amount of data and applications they need to store and access, as well as the available budget.

CIS Informática provides robust security measures to protect company data in the cloud, such as data encryption, security monitoring, authentication management, among others. In addition, companies can also implement internal security policies such as authorization and access management, configuration of strong passwords, among others.

The cost of cloud computing depends on the specific services used, as well as the size of the company and its demand for processing and storage. CIS Informática offers flexible and transparent pricing plans for its cloud services, and the cost includes basic service functions, security, technical support and data management.

CIS Informática offers a complete and customized solution for your company’s cloud technology needs. Our experience in the implementation and management of cloud solutions allows us to offer you advantages such as greater efficiency in data management, better security and privacy of information, better accessibility to data and cost reduction in technology infrastructure. In addition, we offer excellent customer service to ensure that your cloud needs are met and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.